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Elby Owned By Magna International

Canada, Electric Vehicle

Elby is an innovative dockless bike-sharing system that empowers users to commute but not pollute. Elby has a seamless mobile interface for rental, locking and unlocking these e-bikes that help you get up and about in style! Elby is proudly powered by Magna International-a leading North American automotive OEM supplier.

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UAE, Logistics

Trukkin brings the power of artificial intelligence, IoT, and data analytics to reinvent the foundations of the logistics industry. Trukkin brings efficiency, consistency, transparency, and reliability to logistics, without the associated headaches! With a world-class user interface and outstanding features, Trukkin has all the answers for your business needs.

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Sweden, Marketplace for investors and entrepreneurs

Sircular is a smart marketplace for entrepreneurs and investors that helps entrepreneurs to find smart capital from the right investors at the right time.

Sircular showcases startups to investors in a format that they prefer—radically improving the chances of meeting an investor and securing investment by up to 78%.

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Nurses Online

South Africa, Healthcare

Nurses Online is an innovative on-demand hospital staffing solution that uses artificial intelligence, predictive data analysis and the power of mobile technology to remove the bottlenecks and problems that plague hospital staffing today. Serving Netcare, Life Healthcare, JMH, and many other large hospitals, Nurses Online is set to revolutionize the South African hospital staffing and nursing industry. 

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BionX owned by Magna International

Canada, eBike-sharing

BionX is a Canadian maker of electric motors for bicycles, the popular manufacturer of OEM and aftermarket ebike drivetrains. They are an enterprise company catering to Ebiking companies around the world. We did UI/UX development and App development for their services and still helping them to scale their business by becoming their technical partners. 

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Kuwait, Home services

Jus’Click is a revolutionary mobile-first on-demand home and office services platform that brings together service providers and homeowners through one innovative, seamless mobile interface. Jus’Click leverages the power of mobile technology coupled with IoT and artificial intelligence to help you get the home services you need. 

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eSanjeevaniOPD – Indian Government

India, TeleConsultation

eSanjeevaniOPD is the pioneering telemedicine service from the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare that aims to ensure safety of clinical staff and patients, while delivering world-class tele-OPD services. Using an innovative video-consultation system that allows doctors to provide consultations and e-prescriptions to patients, eSanjeevaniOPD aims to bring quality healthcare to the masses, without compromising on safety.

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Fieldrz (SAAS Product)

Worldwide, on-demand delivery management

Fieldrz is a fully customizable plug and plays solution that can be deployed across a wide range of industry verticals. Fieldrz is a perfect solution for the F&B, logistics, transportation, wellness, and beauty industries and can help them revolutionize their last-mile experience. Fieldrz brings dynamic, customizable, and world-class user experiences to providers and end-users.

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Camel Racing App

Dubai, Camel Racing Sport

A Traditional yet Professional Sporting Event. Since ancient times, camel racing has been a popular racing sport in the UAE. We are going to contribute to this sport by providing a digital platform to the users and the event organizer.

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Dubai, Education and employment services

Born out of the founders’ staunch belief in education as the ultimate form of empowerment, EduPloyment sets out to deliver on its purpose of “Helping to eradicate poverty by educating and employing the underprivileged”. EduPloyment’s adaptive education technology-based training programs help these individuals gain critical English language and communication skills. These skills help individuals get fair pay and decent jobs.

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USA, Gaming

ProScrim is a challenge-driven adaptive gaming program where users can post and accept gaming challenges and bid on pro-grade games posted by other pro users. ProScrim allows users to pay for matches using ProCoins which can be purchased via PayPal.

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Turkey, Real Estate

Deex is an innovative modernist architectural design company from Turkey that focuses on providing avant-garde architectural and interior design solutions to their clients. With their redesigned website, Deex uses live chat and smart analytics to get real-time information about customer visits and make informed business decisions.

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Online Custom Blind

South Africa, Home Services

A group of entrepreneurs from South Africa, bringing the offline industry of buying curtain and blinds for your houses through an online experience. We build a nice and decent eCommerce website for them which help them to reach their maximum customers online. 

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Sweden, Health And Wellness

The idea of this a cross-border matching platform is to solve the problem of loneliness and the need for simple household services while helping young people to find a home. This initiative also teaches us how important it is to be with our parents when they’re older. We build a website for them so that people can easily come to know about the services.

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My Corporation

India, Finance

A highly reputed firm working with organizations to manage their investments, portfolios, accounts, and compliances in India and abroad for the past 8 years. From mergers to handling acquisitions, they take part in the end-to-end process. Perfect for startups and businesses.

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South Africa, Home Services

A company run by an entrepreneur in South Africa, who has 50+ years of work ex, who is committed to bringing awareness into people for fixing electrical problems on their own or booking certified contractors through their platform. An approach to bring technology to provide a seamless experience to the customer to solve problems.

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Book Beak

South Africa, Education

BookBeak is the first app-based platform that aggregates African short stories from published and unpublished writers and then serves those African stories to their global subscriber base. Audiobooks, kid stories and much more.

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Batho Pele

South Africa, Logistics

Our client Batho Pele based in South Africa was struggling with their delivery tracking and Supply chain data maintenance. So to solve their problem we made a solution in the form of a mobile app where they can track their orders and keep on check their supply chain and last-mile delivery system. Currently, it is under beta testing and the next update is coming soon.

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Europe, Legal

Westerberg & Partners is a Swedish boutique law firm, a team of experts who specialize in offering services for individuals and businesses in Europe.

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Mazen M. Omair

Mazen M. Omair says, “By choosing Volumetree as my technology partner was the best decision. They add value to my purpose and make my vision live in the proper way as per need. Great team, they have with a clear heart and proper transparency in their work.”


Dennis Goldman

Volumetree was able to interpret our needs from the original coding we shared with them and produce a totally flexible solution. The team that was assigned was very professional, we would like to continue with Volumetree as we are very satisfied with their technical expertise and the product they have produced.


Chris Issacs

Volumetree helped us to design a Website and working with them was a very positive experience. We would recommend them!

Elby Bike

Al Sasnowski

Volumetree’s dedicated team is good in managing the app launch and delivery process. We recognize some synergies between our companies and would like to explore options for working together in the future.

Batho Pele Group

Duane webber

Volumetree has an extremely helpful, knowledgeable and professional team. Great company with a dedicated team, and visionary leadership qualities. Foresee great things from this company in the future.

Online custom blinds

Ben Nuliah

I loved the passion, the motivation, and I love the energy that I see flowing at Volumetree. I’m already brainstorming on the next project. thank you team and everyone behind the scenes that made our dream a reality.


Maria Villanueva

Volumetree is our technical partner and I am glad I met Shivam Gupta. I am thankful to the Volumetree team for pushing thru and being a great resource.

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